2015 GM Camaro Review


A muscle car will always be a head turner. When it comes to muscle car, the GM Camaro will always be on top of the list. There are so many good things about the latest Camaro under the GM car brand and this includes the tactile steering, sharp shifter, and a very taut response. It also has a very strong engine lineup and athletic handling.

On the other hand, there are a few downsides including the cheap cabin materials, the car is more like a track ready than a street friendly car. Experts also noticed that the car is hard to look at inside, barely difficult to see outside, and has a small trunk opening.

The positive side

The 2015 GM Camaro is firm and communicative. The different parts are intelligently combined to significantly change the look and feel of this car. It is remarkable for its electrically boosted steering power, excellent vibration, and very good steering grip. There are people who see the thick and tiny window quite a hindrance when it comes to viewing outside, but it actually does a very good job when it comes to setting the structural rigidity of the car.

As with the price, there is really nothing to worry about because the GM Camaro 2015 ranked as the number six affordable sports car in the world. It is more affordable as compared with other muscle cars, but the functionality, safety, and reliability are not compromised.

Controversial cabin

There are so many great things about the latest GM Camaro, but one little detail that caught the attention of critics is the built of the cabin. The cabins are presumably made from cheap materials. You barely see the outside view. Taller drivers and passengers will also feel uncomfortable because there isn’t much headroom; not to mention the small trunk and the tiny opening.

Other details/features

• Bluetooth
• Satellite radio
• Stereo system
• Navigation
• USP port
• Parking sensors
• Rear view camera

Amidst the little downside, there are so many things to look forward to. This muscle car has either a coupe or convertible seats and the transmissions can either be automatic or manual. It is also available in four trims level. Well, the functionality and features of the 2015 Camaro are more likely the same with the previous models, but the only difference is that the current model comes with added features, which will further enhance the driving speed, power, safety, and reliability of the car.

When it comes to buying a GM Camaro car, there are important factors that should be kept in mind and these are the interior and exterior component of the car, comfort and quality, the performance as a whole, safety, features, efficiency of the fuel, as well as the price. What made the 2015 GM Camaro stands out from the rest is its heady performance. The new features mentioned above are also the reasons why a lot of car enthusiasts can’t wait to purchase this brand new model. It is also fuel efficient, but some restrictions are seen when it comes to comfort and quality.


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