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How Die-Hard Football Fans Pay Tribute To Their Teams With Their Cars

Do you follow a particular football team? If so, there’s no doubt that you will pay tribute to them in some way. For example, you might have their current clothing “kit” that you wear on match days. You might even have a personalised coffee mug with the team’s insignia on it.

Many football fans are passionate about the teams that they support. Did you know that some of those fans pay tribute to their teams with their cars? It might seem odd, but some fans are also car enthusiasts. Who said that such a person can’t enjoy the best of both worlds?

Here’s how some die-hard football fans remind themselves of their favourite teams when driving:

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Believe it or not, some tyre manufacturers offers football team editions of their products! For example, Event Tyres offers some Apo...

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How To Keep Your Classic Or Luxury Car In Perfect Condition

If you’ve found yourself on our luxury car blog, then you must have a keen eye for the finer things in life. You love the rich, soft interiors, the smell of fresh leather, and the roar of a top class engine. (Like the new Camaro). Perhaps you’re a fan of the classics, and you’re hoping to restore your favourite car. Whatever lead you here, welcome, and we hope you find something useful. In this particular post, we’re looking at keeping your pride-and-joy in perfect condition. There’s no point spending thousands on a car if you can’t keep it looking pristine. Here’s where to start.

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Store it in a dry garage

The cold and damp has a bigger effect on your motor than you might think. The paint and bodywork are the most vulnerable here...

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