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What To Do When Your Key Breaks In The Ignition

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Your One-Stop Guide To A Smooth Car Sale

If you’re about to sell your car, you have a ton of consideration you need to make. Do you go private or public, do you sell to family or friends, or do you just scrap it?

Well, you probably don’t want to scrap it! If you’re caught in car-selling hell, this article will act as your handy guide to all the selling steps you need to take.

How do I advertise?

Like any sale, you have to advertise the product first. This is easier said than done with cars, however. Most people will neglect pictures and will only want to see the vehicle in person. This limits you to a local sale, but all is not lost!

The most basic thing you could do is put a ‘for sale’ sign in the window of your car. Make sure to include a contact number or email address...

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The Scariest Things About Buying A Second Hand Supercar

Go on, admit it. The thought of buying your own second-hand supercar has entered your mind on more than one occasion.

The prospect seems so tempting. Buying a used supercar for a fraction of the price, just to experience what the rich and powerful did years ago.
But do supercars really get any less scary with age? Probably not. Supercars are expensive to run at the best of times. But in a world in which most legacy cars have to have spare parts custom built, it probably costs even more. So let’s get down to it.

1. Service Costs
When Mclaren launched their F1 back in the early 1990s, nothing could touch it. Here was a supercar so focused on speed it didn’t even have a passenger seat. Not even Jaguar’s mighty XJ200 could compete with this technological marvel...

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Car Accidents and Economics: What Can We Do About These High Costs?


$871 billion a year. That’s the value that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claim is the annual cost of car crashes in America.This study was different to others in that it also took into account an estimated toll of loss of potential. This refers to the projected loss of income resulting from a car crash death. It sounds like a cold way to calculate things. But there’s undeniable power and weight to that kind of information.

Why is the number of road fatalities increasing when we have so many safety features in modern cars? We have so many sexy-sounding safety features that it makes the rise in accidents seem truly bizarre. Adaptive cruise control. Forward collision avoidance systems. Backup cameras. Side view and parking assistance. The focus on buying r...

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