Buying A Small City Car? Here’s What You Need To Know

City cars are no different to other vehicles that you can buy. They still have engines, doors and wheels just like anything else you see on the road today.

The beauty of city cars is that, as the name suggests, they are practical for busy city streets. In such locations, driving a large SUV, for instance, is a bad idea. Especially when you’re trying to navigate narrow roads!

If you live in such an area, and you want to buy a car, today’s handy guide is just what you need! By following the tips in this blog post, you will soon know how to buy the perfect car for your needs. Here is what you need to know:

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What is your budget?

The first thing you need to do is decide how much money you wish to spend on your next city car. One benefit of such class of vehicles is that they are priced at the cheaper end of the market. That means you won’t have to pay a fortune to get behind the wheel of one!

Still, you need to pay some money for the car you want. You need to decide which amount you are comfortable paying. If you don’t have enough cash savings, you will need to borrow the money to get a car.

Whichever form of borrowing you choose, you need to ensure that you can afford the monthly payments. Otherwise, you risk damaging your credit score and possibly having your car repossessed!

Green credentials

Today’s modern city cars, like the ones you’ll find at the Pentagon Group, have eco-friendly features. Small vehicles like city cars often have small but efficient engines. OK, they might not have the performance of a Porsche 911, for example.

But what they do offer are low carbon emissions. One trend that you’ll find with newer city cars is that the engines are fitted with a turbocharger. Cars like the Ford Fiesta and Fiat 500 have small displacement engines with turbos to boost power and efficiency.

If you’re not familiar with how an engine works, let me explain. The more air that gets forced into it, the more efficient the combustion process is. That means you use less fuel, and, as a result, you have fewer CO2 emissions.

New or used?

The thing about city cars is that they are cheap enough to buy brand new. Still, if you are on a tight budget, you might prefer to buy a used model instead.

Some people recommend that approach. Even a three-month old car can save hundreds, if not thousands off the “new” list price.

Running costs

One final point to bear in mind is what the likely costs are to keep the car on the road. It’s no secret that city cars are cheaper to drive than say a big muscle car like the Chevy Camaro! But, not all models cost the same to maintain.

Do some online research. Find out how much it costs to service the models you are interested in buying. And, above all, determine what the dealership labour rates are!


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