Car Accidents and Economics: What Can We Do About These High Costs?


$871 billion a year. That’s the value that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claim is the annual cost of car crashes in America.This study was different to others in that it also took into account an estimated toll of loss of potential. This refers to the projected loss of income resulting from a car crash death. It sounds like a cold way to calculate things. But there’s undeniable power and weight to that kind of information.

Why is the number of road fatalities increasing when we have so many safety features in modern cars? We have so many sexy-sounding safety features that it makes the rise in accidents seem truly bizarre. Adaptive cruise control. Forward collision avoidance systems. Backup cameras. Side view and parking assistance. The focus on buying reliable vehicles is more widespread than ever. So what’s going on?


Perhaps the answer can be found in exactly how many people are driving cars with advanced safety technology. A lot of these cars can only be found at quite prohibitive prices. Can most Americans really afford all that technology? The answer is no – and it’s why most people are still driving older cars without all the fancy gadgets. If you’re in this boat, you may want to take a look at this list of affordable cars with safety features at


But is that really the cause? We’ve been driving without such features for decades. We’ll probably find that most accidents are still being caused by a lack of adequate attention being paid to the road. And perhaps we can blame other technologies for that – for example, the smartphone. The statistics on driving and texting are still extremely damning, despite laws being passed and how famous the dangers are. An estimated third of American drivers admit to the practise. Perhaps that’s why we have nearly half a million crashes a year attributable to texting. Of course, the technology itself isn’t to blame – it’s simply people not knowing how to use technology responsibly. You can read more about these statistics at

One unanswered question about this information may not be too obvious to many. How much of these costs are the results of law fees? Let’s take a look at people driving under the influence. Even a minor accident can balloon out in costs if a driver needs to pay law fees. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of DUIs. Even a non-injury accident can cost into the quintuple-figures if it’s not handled correctly.


According to records, drunk driving is the most frequently committed crime in the United States. If so many people aren’t handling the legalities correctly, then the overall cost of car accidents increases. This is why it’s important to be in the know about DUI and other DMV-related costs. Read more about effective DUI legal protection at

So what’s the takeaway from all of this information? It’s about getting a wider view when it comes to vehicular safety. Looking at the costs highlights to us the toll that these things take during and after these incidents. The pressure on our economic system is very real. Do everything in your power to remain safe on the road. And if something does happen, know how to handle it correctly.


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