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New Toyota AWD Comes With Additional Features

Some years ago, we had to admit that the most popular and reliable Toyota AWD car was the RAV4. But now, the popularity of the SUV seems to be replaced by its sister, which is the Matrix. According to some automotive analysts, this Toyota Matrix has undoubtedly won the attention from the customers. It is able to reach different levels of customers, including young people. Its appearance, roomy cabin and astounding fuel consumption make people love this car much.

The current version of the Toyota Matrix is a representation of a great combination of wagon and hatchback style chassis. The new Toyota AWD car also comes with other additional features, such as sporty front and rear bumpers, integrated fog lamps, intermittent rear window wiper, 16-inch steel wheels with covers and color-keyed outside door handles. About the performance, we do not have to ask anymore because the car provides us with a 135 horsepower and if we choose to upgrade to the S style, we can get a 158 horsepower. The safety features of the Toyota Matrix have also been upgraded. Now it brings high safety standards.

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