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Car Accidents and Economics: What Can We Do About These High Costs?


$871 billion a year. That’s the value that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claim is the annual cost of car crashes in America.This study was different to others in that it also took into account an estimated toll of loss of potential. This refers to the projected loss of income resulting from a car crash death. It sounds like a cold way to calculate things. But there’s undeniable power and weight to that kind of information.

Why is the number of road fatalities increasing when we have so many safety features in modern cars? We have so many sexy-sounding safety features that it makes the rise in accidents seem truly bizarre. Adaptive cruise control. Forward collision avoidance systems. Backup cameras. Side view and parking assistance. The focus on buying r...

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Preparing to Pass Your Driving Test

Becoming a newly qualified driver is the ambition of so many teenagers. Getting a car and being able to drive is the first real taste you get of being a responsible adult. It teaches you about freedom, independence and responsibility. And it sets you up well for adulthood. But a lot of people aren’t too familiar with the process of passing a driving test. As a result, they allow themselves to become overwhelmed by the idea.

Try to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. You’ve got to plan things carefully. You need to be prepared for passing your test and for life as a driver. If you can put plans into action, you’ll be in a much better position to pass your test. And you’ll be ready for what comes after this.

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