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Luxury SUV Cars Boom Worldwide

The market of luxury SUV cars is now on a winning streak. For a couple recent years, demand for luxury SUV is increasing fast. In the middle of rising fuel prices and increasing concern of environmental damage due to car’s exhaust, more and more people are choosing big sporty cars over small cute cars. What makes it more surprising is that the demand still increases although almost every part of the world has monetary problem. High price and expensive maintenance cost seem not problem for luxury SUV fans. However, the question remains. Is image that important or luxury SUV offers something more than just image?

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Today’s Top Hybrid SUVs Has Been Release To The Market

As the industry of hybrid vehicles continues to grow, more automakers are building hybrid SUVs. By combining small gasoline engine, electric motor and battery packs, hybrid SUVs are trying to give more range than electric cars and better mileage than their gasoline powered counterparts. However, not all hybrid SUVs are equally the same because some models are recognized as top hybrid SUVs.

Some of the top hybrid SUVs is:

- Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid: This hybrid SUV is one of a kind since it has the ability to deliver better mileage, great performance and eco-friendly engine. However, the price of these SUV is still high.
- BMW X 6 Hybrid: This German hybrid SUV brings a magnificent V8 hybrid engine. BMW said that this crossover SUV would be able to give the expectations of great SUV.

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