Exotic Sports Cars Not Just A Machine But It Also A Prestige

For some people, car is not just a machine but it is also a prestige. There are several types of cars that are considered as prestige cars. Sport car is one of them. If you want to drive with style and pride, here are several exotic sports cars that will make you look fabulous and elegant.

1. The first car in exotic sports cars list is Corvette. Corvette is a very fast and cool sport car in the world. Corvette takes apart in several prestigious races to prove that their car is the fastest and the best sport car in the world.
2. If you are the big fan of sport car, then you will be very familiar with the name of Ferrari. Ferrari is a car producer from Italy that is very popular for its exotic sport car. Ferrari SA Aperta is considered by several people as the most exotic car from Ferrari.
3. Aston Martin Vanquish is one exotic sport car from Europe. This car is very exotic due to the unique and beautiful design.

4. The next car in exotic sports cars list is Dodge Viper. Dodge Viper is known as a muscle car from America. The great performance which is combined with great design makes this car deserve the title as one of the most exotic sport car in the world.


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