How Die-Hard Football Fans Pay Tribute To Their Teams With Their Cars

Do you follow a particular football team? If so, there’s no doubt that you will pay tribute to them in some way. For example, you might have their current clothing “kit” that you wear on match days. You might even have a personalised coffee mug with the team’s insignia on it.

Many football fans are passionate about the teams that they support. Did you know that some of those fans pay tribute to their teams with their cars? It might seem odd, but some fans are also car enthusiasts. Who said that such a person can’t enjoy the best of both worlds?

Here’s how some die-hard football fans remind themselves of their favourite teams when driving:

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Believe it or not, some tyre manufacturers offers football team editions of their products! For example, Event Tyres offers some Apollo rubber with the Manchester United logo on it. Apollo is an official sponsor of the world-famous football team

Even Yokohama have joined the party with a Chelsea F.C. edition of their BluEarth-A AE50 tyres. For the ultimate die-hard football and car enthusiast, team tyres are the way forward! Of course, few people seldom inspect the sidewalls of tyres. But, it’s the perfect way for football fans to have their teams as a part of their vehicles.

I’ve seen football fans that have such tyres on their cars even paint the logos in their team colours. How’s that for club devotion and promotion?

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Licence Plates

In most parts of the world, each car will have a unique identifier – a licence plate. They come in all shapes and sizes, as you might imagine. One interesting thing about European plates is the space for a logo on the left-hand side.

Usually, that space gets used for the issuing country’s code. For instance, vehicles registered in the UK have “GB” noted on there. While it’s not entirely legal, some football fans replace the letter with their team’s logo.

Let’s face it; that part of any licence plate offers the perfect place to have a football team logo printed. From a legal standpoint, car owners can get such plates but they are only legal for show use. Of course, some owners “forget” to take them off!

Another way that football fans customise their licence plates is by getting “private” plates. In a nutshell, the fans pay for a registration that has specific lettering. In some parts of the world, private plates are sometimes called “cherished” plates.

There are many ways where fans mention their beloved teams. Usually, they’ll add their club’s team initials somewhere. For instance, “CFC” could be for Chelsea Football Club.

Vinyl Wraps

The beauty about car customisation is that you can do just about anything to make a vehicle more unique! One such example is by “wrapping” the bodywork in vinyl. In case you wondered, vinyl is a removable layer or skin that gets applied to a car’s body.

Businesses often use vinyl wrapping to promote their companies, products and services. Car dealers for Porsche and other marques wrap demonstrator models for the same reasons.

And football fans sometimes use vinyl wrapping to promote their favourite football teams! Vinyl is a cheap and non-permanent way of declaring one’s love for a particular football team.


Another non-permanent way to advertise one’s love for a football team is with the use of stickers. As you know, they are cheap ways to brighten up anything that they get applied to.

Most football teams sell a variety of merchandise that their fans can buy to support them. Stickers are a popular product that teams sell. Football fans will apply team stickers to the rear interior windows of their cars. That way, vehicles behind them can see those stickers.

Some fans may even apply stickers to the rear bumpers of their vehicles too. Most fans will apply just one sticker to their cars. But, I’ve seen examples in the past where die-hard fans apply several HUNDRED stickers!

Air Fresheners

There’s no denying that most car owners like their vehicle cabins to smell fresh and fragrant. To achieve that goal, they will often hang up one or more air fresheners by their rear view mirrors. Some may even hang them up by their indicator stalks on the steering wheel.

Air fresheners come in a range of different styles and colours. Some football fans will avoid buying typical “Little Tree” air fresheners. Instead, they will opt for ones sold by or licenced from their football teams.

You might not think it. But, football club air fresheners are another popular form of merchandise bought by fans! When a passenger gets into a fan’s car, they will have no doubt which team they support!


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