Only People With Supercars Can Do These 5 Things

Most of us have dreamed from an early age of owning a supercar. We think back to the cars that we had on our bedroom walls. Perhaps you were a fan of the Jaguar E-type. Or maybe you’re a little younger and remember the enormous hype around the Mclaren F1 in the early 1990s. But whatever car you first fell in love with, one thing stuck: supercars are great.

Then, of course, we get older and the dream, for one reason or another, dies. Supercars are too expensive. Supercars are too impractical. And on the list goes. But now supercars are things we see the lucky few driving. They get to enjoy all the benefits of ownership it seems.
Here are 5 things only people with supercars can do.

Turn Heads
You have to be something of an exhibitionist to be able to own a supercar. Why? Because everywhere you go, there will be people staring at your car. Everybody will ask themselves who is inside the car. They’ll want to know more about the person who can afford such a luxurious ride. Of all the cars on the road, yours will be the most interesting and exciting in sight.
Go Fast
Are you stuck driving a supermini with a 1.6-litre engine? Probably. And though you might console yourself with the fact that your car is practical and has a big boot, it’s just not quite the same as going fast.
Those who drive supercars are always the people who get to accelerate fastest when the lights go green. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to inhale the soot from their exhaust before they disappear out of sight.

Make People’s Day
If you offered to let somebody drive your car, they’d probably wonder why. What’s so exciting about your car?
But what if the owner of a supercar allowed you to drive their car? It would probably make your day. In fact, it would make the day of practically anybody who is interested in cars.

And what about if you gave away your car? Right now, veteran car donation is a big thing. Many people are giving away their second-hand cars to give vets a helping hand. Imagine being the vet in receipt of a second-hand supercar. That would be like a dream come true for many.

Impress Their Colleagues
Supercars are the ultimate statement of success. Here is a sign to everybody else that you’re not a person who has to make financial compromises. You’ve added so much value to other people that you can afford to splurge on something as impractical as a supercar on a whim. The rest of us without a supercar will just have to make do with being regular folk.

Their Kids Think They’re Cool
Imagine if when you were a child, you didn’t just have to ogle fast cars in car magazines. Imagine if your parents actually owned one. How cool would you have thought they were? I’d wager, very cool indeed.

Plus, your children’s friends will think you’re cool too. Always a bonus.


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